The previous year, was it a mountain or a deep valley?

The previous year was a difficult year on over all the world, almost every detail in our life has changed, but the hardest thing of them all -in my opinion- was the Shock.
“What shock?” you may ask me. The shock that affected our triumph as humanity and left us scattered, shattered, and shaken.

In the last few hundred years, we have reached an astounding level of advancements. Now, we are building skyscrapers, constructing whole islands in the middle of the sea, genetically modifying our food to suit our needs, generating our energy from nuclear fission and fusion, colonising space, manufacturing electronic circuits on the nano and the quantum level… but despite all of that, this pandemic comes to affect humanity’s ego before its body!
This pandemic surely shows our human frailty despite all those advancements and the need for god’s mercy in every step from humanity creation until this moment. It’s a celestial law, and god’s will of course.

How was this year for me?

It was a calm one despite the circumstances, but I got through it with multiple work & intellectual successes.

  • Planning & correcting current path:

Translation to English is in progress, you may see the original article in Arabic from here:

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